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Late Night Bonus Post: Norma Rae Jepsen

I think most people are either too young or too old to get this joke, but I did it anyway.

Future Self Portrait

Almost always sometimes regular.

Hello friends. For the past couple weeks I have been trying to update on a Monday Wednesday Friday schedule. Usually around noon-ish, which is as early as I care do almost anything. But not today. Because I forgot it was Wednesday. But I will be back on Friday with a fancy new ‘toon.

“But will it have dicks?” you ask.

“Possibly,” I answer, one eyebrow raised and a half smile on my face, “But  if not, know that there is always a dick in my heart, and in your heart, too!”  And with a wink, I’m off, out the broken window through which I arrived moments earlier.

You lay down again in your bed, no longer able to discern dream from reality.

Shhhhh…it’s ok…sleep now….


They can’t ALL be magic dragons

this one is funnier if you sing the song in your head.

You’re ruining it

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